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Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program

Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program (OFAP) Attorney

Debtors may fall behind on their monthly mortgage payments for many reasons. One could temporarily struggle with debt due to job loss, a persisting medical situation, or other grave economic factors. Failure to make your monthly mortgage payments increases your risk of facing foreclosure. Reliable foreclosure defense attorneys can help you avoid foreclosure in Portland, Oregon. Call us at or schedule a case evaluation .

Most of the time, a debtor can look into several possible foreclosure defense options. Depending on your specific circumstance, there are defensive actions that you can take against looming foreclosure proceedings.

If you are struggling with debt and want to avoid foreclosure, call us at Michael D. O’Brien & Associates, P.C. or schedule a case evaluation today. Our seasoned Portland attorneys can assess your financial situation and help you decide the best course of action to take.

What is the Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program Act (OFAP)?

The OFAP pertains to a mandatory legal process that most mortgage lenders must initiate before proceeding with a foreclosure in Oregon. Mortgage companies that have initiated more than 175 foreclosure actions in a year must participate in this program with can include a face-to-face meeting with the homeowner.

Homeowners, for their part, pay a fee (that ranges from $50 to $175 depending on your household income), meet with a housing counselor, prepare the required paperwork, and attend the meeting. Missing the deadline would waive one’s rights to have the foreclosure delayed or potentially resolved via the Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program.

After the homeowner has provided some basic information, the mortgage lender must provide detailed information related to the mortgage agreement and accounting, and then lenders must appear through their lawyer and make available a representative with the power to negotiate on their behalf. You, as the homeowner, will be entitled to have a housing counselor guide you through this process, but is almost always in your best interest to have a local OFAP attorney to appear with you and represent your interests.

Our Portland foreclosure defense attorneys have over 26 years of experience. Contact Michael D. O’Brien & Associates, P.C. to discuss your options and benefit from professional and reliable legal representation. Call us or schedule a case evaluation with our experienced OFAP attorneys.

Benefits of the Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program

The Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program can be a convoluted legal process with traps for the unwary, it is best to seek legal advice from someone who understands foreclosure laws in Oregon and the foreclosure avoidance program. In simplified terms, the program enables you to request a modification of your lending contract. It is essential to keep in mind that the representative of your lender is only required to entertain the request, not automatically approve it.

It is also important to understand that lenders generally have the upper hand in any negotiation. This is mainly because they have more information than the homeowner does and always appear thru a lawyer, whereas homeowners rarely protect themselves and bring their own lawyer! Finally, understand that with property values skyrocketing all over the country, banks generally stand more to gain from foreclosing than they do from negotiating a new lending contract!

To be familiar with what information you will be required to provide at the meeting and to avoid crucial mistakes, seek legal assistance promptly. At Michael D. O’Brien & Associates, our Oregon bankruptcy lawyers are committed to helping you get relief from your debtrelief from wage garnishments and repossession, and get back on track to success.

Filing for the Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program

The Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program has helped many debtors, but not all can fully benefit from it. Many borrowers report frustration over the process since it is not uncommon for a bank to ask for the same information repeatedly, claiming that the information was lost or never received. In some cases, supporting documents submitted two months prior would no longer be valid, prompting the borrower to exhaust their patience.

Banks are often stringent when it comes to documentation, so even one missing signature could end up stalling the entire process. Housing counselors can indeed provide useful information. However, they cannot act as legal counsel. This is where a good OFAP attorney can be of help.

Call our Portland foreclosure defense law firm and consult with a seasoned home foreclosure and OFAP attorney today. Dial 503-694-4445 or send us a message to know more about bankruptcy and other debt alternatives.

Why You Need Legal Assistance From Reliable OFAP Attorneys

A reliable Portland OFAP attorney can help ensure that the representative of your lender will play fair and follow the rules set forth by the OFAP. They can also ensure that you provide all necessary paperwork and anticipate how the lender will try to stonewall the process. In cases where missing documents were supposedly not received, your lawyer can show that they were sent via certified mail and accepted on a specific date.  A seasoned Portland OFAP attorney may also discover errors in your mortgage accounting, which can help you defend against a home foreclosure.

Michael O’Brien is one of only three lawyers in Oregon who are Nationally Certified as a Consumer Bankruptcy Specialist. With this broad knowledge base of strategies, we can help you solve your financial problems. Contact us at 503-694-4445 to know more about how you can stop foreclosure, repossession, or wage garnishment. Exercise your legal rights today!

Seek Legal Assistance from Reliable Portland OFAP Attorneys

An individual faced with foreclosure must look into the different possible ways of saving your house and improving your financial situation. Stalling a foreclosure is seldom easy since a lender may initiate the foreclosure process in or outside of court. It can be pretty challenging to negotiate with lenders about making arrangements for mortgage payments.

Nonetheless, many people try to look into all their options and find alternatives to foreclosure. If you had to face foreclosure due to a temporary financial setback, the Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program or a bankruptcy petition could help you have a fresh start, depending on your specific circumstances.

There are various ways to get out of debt and gain financial freedom once again. A hands-on OFAP attorney can help you understand how to successfully make use of the OFAP or how to file a bankruptcy petition. Call our Portland bankruptcy law firm or schedule a case evaluation today.

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