Using Bankruptcy to Protect Wages From Garnishment

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If you’re looking for a way to stop creditors from garnishing your wages, our Portland wage garnishment lawyer and bankruptcy attorney can assist you in filing bankruptcy and protecting your wages in Oregon.

There are two distinct advantages to using bankruptcy to protect your wages from garnishment. First, the bankruptcy protection is automatic. Meaning, with some exceptions, you get immediate relief from the wage garnishment. If your payroll cuts off on a Saturday and you file a bankruptcy on Friday, then the bankruptcy stops the garnishment and protects your wages.

The second distinct advantage is that in many cases with bankruptcy, we can actually recover previously garnished wages from the creditor. They took your money – we help you get it back.

Your family needs your wages to pay housing, utilities, food and other living expenses. As one of only three Nationally Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Specialists practicing in Oregon today, Attorney Michael D. O’Brien can help you protect your wages from garnishment. Get your bankruptcy case done right by calling 503-852-9047 today, or schedule an appointment for a free consultation right now by contacting us online.

Stop Garnishment Now

Garnishments of wages and bank accounts can be stopped now with the filing of a bankruptcy. Since a wage garnishment can last for 90 days, it is important to move quickly for relief and not wait.

With over 5000 successful cases, Portland wage garnishment lawyer and bankruptcy attorney Michael D. O’Brien has helped people exercise their bankruptcy rights to protect their income and family. Although some exceptions do exist, the filing of a bankruptcy gives you the protection of the “automatic stay” which is automatically granted to you once a bankruptcy is filed.

If your wages are about to be garnished, we can help stop the garnishment. If your wages have already been garnished, we can help recover your money. Maybe you don’t need or want to file a bankruptcy? We can often negotiate a deal with your creditor that stops the garnishment and establishes a payment plan you can afford.

At Michael D. O’Brien and Associates, we pride ourselves on educating clients on all their options. View our testimonial page for a sample of client experiences. Stop the garnishment now with the help of Michael D. O’Brien and Associates, Attorneys at Law. Call 503-852-9047 today for an appointment or use the link above to schedule an appointment online.

Protect Bank Accounts from Garnishment

The money in your bank account or credit union account can be protected from garnishment. Bank account garnishments are only good one time on the day they are delivered. The creditor is not required to warn you in advance. So by the time you learn about it and come speak with one of our attorneys – the damage is done.

Options do still exist and you need to act quickly because a creditor can send out as many bank garnishments as they want. Sometimes we are able to negotiate with a creditor to get back some of the garnished money and to establish a payment plan.

If they will not cooperate, then a bankruptcy filing will prevent future garnishments and in some cases allow us to recover the money already taken. Learn the options unique to your fact pattern by calling Michael D. O’Brien and Associates today at 503-852-9047 or by using the link above to schedule a convenient appointment online.

When your bank or credit union does a financial account review, they are required to flag certain deposits which cannot be garnished by a creditor and are thus protected by law. If the only money in your bank account is traceable only to these sources, then you need not file a bankruptcy. The sources of money protected by law include: federal benefit payments (like Social Security), payments from a retirement plan or pension fund, unemployment benefits, public assistance benefits, and workers.

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