What Pokemon Go can teach you about Asset Protection (Seriously)

What Pokemon Go can teach you about Asset Protection (Seriously)

Pretty much the whole world is going bonkers about the new Pokemon Go game, but for many players that signed up, they missed some pretty important stuff. Before they caught their first Pikachu, players were asked to review the terms of the contract. And they did the thing that a lot of people do when they see a bunch of fine print – they skipped right past it.

Little did they know that Niantic asked for a lot of permissions. Like full access to your email, including the ability to read or write emails. Now, it sounds like this controversy was a little bit overblown and Niantic (who created the game) clarified the permissions with a press release, but many people allowed full access to their Gmail accounts without so much as a question.

Fortunately, not reviewing the contract in this case didn’t end up causing too much damage, but in many other cases, things haven’t turned out so well. That is why we offer asset protection to protect our clients wealth. We have a variety of strategies to help limit your liability exposure in estate planning, tax preparation, and corporate formation or transition. With loopholes that can ruin your financial future, it’s helpful to have a team that can help you “catch ‘em all.”

Michael D. O’Brien is the Managing Partner of Michael D. O’Brien & Associates, P.C. and also supervises the Bankruptcy Practice Group. An Oregon native, Mike graduated from Wilson High School and the University of Oregon where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in History. In 1994, Mike earned his Juris Doctor from University of Wisconsin Law School.

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