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Oregon Eviction Ban extended

By order of Governor Kate Brown, the eviction ban in Oregon which was set to expire on September 30th has been extended through December 31st.   However, this new executive order (No. 20-56 for those following the scorecard) only applies to residential tenancies and not commercial landlord-tenant agreements.  The news posts we have seen from local news agencies fails to specify that this moratorium is applicable to residential tenants only.

If you rent your home in Oregon the landlord cannot evict you for (a) failure to pay rent or (b) “no-cause eviction” before the first of next year.  The landlord must give you six moths to pay back any missed rent that has accrued.  The landlord can continue to send you monthly statements and a statement indicating the amount of past due rent so long as they inform you that no eviction can be started before the 1st of next year.

If you rent commercial space in Oregon, your protections expire and the landlord can proceed to collect rent from you or to evict if you fail to pay rent.

Since this current extension is an Executive Order issued by the Governor pursuant to her emergency powers, it can be extended by her indefinitely so long as the emergency persists.  Unfortunately, the longer this emergency persists the larger the past due rent balance will grow and the more likely that even a six-month repayment option will become a practical impossibility.  We hope that you or your loved ones do not find yourselves in this predicament but if you are, know that some options may exist to relieve that burden when it comes due.  Take care and stay healthy out there!

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